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Garage Doors

Go Green, Go Auto: The Environmental Benefits of Automatic Garage Doors

Garage DoorsIf you own a garage for your car, you’ve probably asked yourself whether or not you should get an automatic garage door opener. Perhaps you’ve encountered several articles telling you how much easier it is if your garage door opens at the touch of a button, yet you’re still hesitant. But, these reasons might finally convince you to make the switch; you’ll soon find out that an automatic garage door is a more energy-saving, environmentally-friendly choice. Elite Garage Repairs shares more information below:

Get Your Car Out Faster

One good reason for getting an automatic garage door has something to do with carbon monoxide. You’ve probably heard about carbon monoxide if you’ve been reading a lot about greenhouse gases. It also happens to be the same gas that your car produces if it fails to burn fuels completely. Although many cars have been redesigned to minimise the production of this gas, your car may still produce even just a small amount of carbon monoxide – and even these small amounts can cause harm without you knowing it.

As soon as you start your engine, your car starts burning fuel. And as soon as it starts burning fuel, it also starts to produce carbon monoxide. If your car stays running while inside your garage for even just a second too long, the carbon monoxide levels in your garage can go up to harmful levels. This is why it’s important to get your car out as soon as you can. This is where automatic garage doors come in; at the push of a button, you can get your garage opened and get your car out as soon as possible. That way, your garage won’t be a collecting area for deadly gases.

Shorter Engine Running Time

One of the obvious advantages of an automatic garage door is that your garage door opens more quickly compared to doing it manually. This also means that your car will run for shorter periods of time while you’re opening your garage door. This means you’ll waste less fuel. This also means your car won’t spend so much time releasing harmful gases into the environment when you get home.

These are just additional – but equally good – advantages to getting an automatic garage door. If you’re convinced, contact the garage door installer closest to you, and ask them about how you can get them to switch your garage door into an automatic one.


Quick Fixes for Simple Drain Clogs

drainClueless about what to do with that clogged drain? It might seem stubborn, but there are many ways to get rid of that block in your drain. Find out how everyday kitchen items can help you get rid of this annoyance.

Clogged drains are a nuisance that happens to everyone. It’s a problem that can occur when a person does not dispose of their food scraps properly, and the debris makes its way into the drain. This is why it’s a good habit to clean it off your food before washing.

While serious clogs will always require the services of professionals like Beehive Plumbing, you can attempt to do it by yourself first. There are everyday chemicals that can be used in drain cleaning, and they aren’t as corrosive or as harmful as you think.

What Causes Drain Clogging?

Many things can cause a clogged drain. It could be anything from leaves to human hair, but mostly, a drain inside the home will clog because of things that people use. In the kitchen, drains clog because of grease, fat, and leftover food that was disposed of improperly. Shower drains often get in trouble because of hair, while toilets and other drains do get clogged because of foreign objects like toys, jewelry, and other objects.

Items you can use for De-clogging

There are two main ways for a homeowner to clear a clogged drain easily.

  1. Vinegar and Baking Soda combination – Vinegar and baking soda is an effective de-clogger, and it is environmentally friendly. Using it in combination with boiling water should create a very strong effect, but be careful not to get scalded.
  2. Cable Auger – Use this only if you have some advanced knowledge about how to clear a drain. A plumber’s snake can and will challenge you the most, simply because of the technique required in using it.
Keeping that Drain Clean

One of the best ways to prevent having a clogged drain is to watch what goes into it. Remember to clean off leftover bits of food before washing your dishes. Keep children — and their toys — away from the drain so that foreign objects won’t venture forth inside. Being vigilant in keeping your drain unclogged will take out the need for cleaning in the future.


Repainting Your Home: 3 Reasons You’re Doing it Wrong

homeHow hard can it be, right? Asking yourself this question is where it all goes downhill for your home’s repainting. While Australia may always seem to be in the perfect climate to have your house painted, it is not easy. Moreover, it involves more than just painting.

While you mean well and only want the best for your home’s appearance, you need to know what you are doing wrong in your efforts to improve your home exterior.

Starting with this mindset gives you the following ideas:

Thinking You are Invincible

As strong as you are, thinking you are capable to get the job done on your own is where you are wrong. No matter where you are, there will be professional painters, Perth alone is home to many.

Instead of risking your home looking worse than it already is, put your money on people who know what they are doing. Save money on the repairs you are likely to need if you do your home’s exterior paint job alone.

Thinking That You Only Need to Paint

The process may already be self-explanatory, but there are preparatory methods to go through before rolling paint on your home’s exteriors. These include washing your walls, making sure the surface is conducive for paint to stick and creating an even base coat.

These are necessary to give your home a paint job that will last. Washing your walls will rid them of dirt that will only make the paint come off easily. Checking the surface includes ridding it of dirt, but in doing so, you are able to point out problem spots for your paint job even before applying the base coat. The base coat is important in making sure that the colour will come out nicely and vividly. Without an even base coat, your home will look like a gradient or cracked mess.

Thinking Any Paint Will Do

There are different kinds of paint. Assuming that any will do is a clear mistake. Think about your home’s location, the climate and the possible damaging factors that can affect your home’s exterior paint job.

With that in mind, choose your paint accordingly. Do you need UV protection? Waterproof finished walls? Find the right kind of paint that will be especially helpful to your home.

Even with professional painters doing the job for you, knowing these things make you an aware homeowner. Remember them on your next exterior makeover.


Understanding Why Mothers Put Their Babies Up for Adoption

babyNovember is Adoption Awareness Month. But any time can be the right time to understand and re-evaluate how the society should perceive birth mothers who give their babies up for adoption.

Most people see birth mothers who put their child up for adoption as cruel and heartless beings. It may be true in some cases, but it doesn’t apply to everyone. As mentioned in, parting ways with their babies is a difficult and distressing decision that birth mothers make.

Giving what is best for a child should never be in question. Some birth mothers see that adoption is the most suitable option for their babies to live a better life. They’re not plainly giving up on their sons and daughters. Instead, they’re giving them the necessary support, which the birth mothers can’t provide.

External Factors Weigh in

As novel as it seems, sometimes the family members, culture, morals, or religion play a part in the decision of mothers. When they get pregnant out of wedlock, some parents disown them. Adoption seems the better option when these factors also compel mothers to go for an abortion.

It’s not always the fault of the birth mother. Some women give their babies up for adoption because the birth father is unwilling to take on paternal obligations. Being a single parent can be hard for both the mother and child. Adoption gives the baby a chance to live with a complete family.

Age (Really) Does Matter

The birth mother’s age is also an important factor. It can be difficult for teen mothers to raise the child at a young age as she can’t afford to land a good-paying job with an undergraduate status. Ageing mothers, on the other hand, have to give the child to younger parents who can effectively meet the physical demands of raising a child.

You have to understand that adoption may have negative effects on the birth mothers. Judging them for their acts without comprehending their situation first only adds to their grief, shock, and sorrow.


The Makings of a Workspace Fit for All Generations

workstationIt is no longer unusual today to have three different generations working together in the same office. In New Zealand, the employment rate of people aged 20 years old and above is high. The country ranks 7th in the world when it comes to employment-to-population ratio, with a grade of 73.1. This just shows a diverse workplace is no longer a rare sight.

With varying work ethics and mind-sets, Baby Boomers are working side by side with Generation X and today’s Millennials. To overcome any differences, managers are relying on the workplace itself to accommodate the varied needs of employees. More often than not, this comes down to design.

Multi-Generational Workspaces

Each generation of the labour force has different needs. As such, you will need to take these needs into consideration when designing and furnishing an office space. The key is collaborative design.

An age-neutral workspace does not require expensive pieces. Christchurch-based furniture manufacturer Bishop Interiors shares that office furniture can be eco-friendly and high-quality without the high price tag. You just have to know which pieces suit the needs of the company and employees.

Furnishing Completes the Design

Start with the workstation. An age-neutral workspace is achievable by providing areas employees can personalise. Be it the desk, chair, or storage units, employees will want to give their station a touch of character.

The younger generations will want to put their mark on the space whereas the older employees will likely put accessories and trinkets that give their desk a more corporate and formal feel.

Changing Workplace Environment

You will also see more open areas with multiple functions. Workplaces will become more mobile and compact, no longer requiring that much floor space. Furniture will be more innovative and ergonomic, minus the bulkiness.

A sense of community will also be a trend in multi-generational offices. Millennials are interested in supporting causes, so spaces where they can post and showcase these are important. Each workstation might be separate, but bringing them closer makes the office more interactive yet with a sense of openness and privacy.

Your employees will likely adapt to whatever kind of workplace you have, but it certainly does not hurt to help them out by giving them a space where they can work more collaboratively and efficiently with everyone in the company.

Arkansas sign board

Adventure on Water: Whitewater Rafting at the Arkansas River

Arkansas sign boardWhen you speak of the Arkansas River, the first thing that comes to mind for some people is whitewater rafting. With the stunning sights and the clear rapids, the Arkansas River has become the most popular whitewater rafting in the U.S.

The river flows from the Colorado Rockies, going through Buena Vista and Salida and onward to the plains of Cañon City. The river stretches 95 miles.

For an unforgettable whitewater adventure, the team of American Adventure Expeditions suggests these two activities to include in your itinerary:

A tumble down the Royal Gorge

Based on the standardized International Scale of River Difficulty, Class III rapids have irregular moderate waves and fast current, which are not always possible to avoid. If you have good control of the boat, you can still steer away from obstructions and large waves.

Class IV rapids are powerful and turbulent. They have constricted passages, unavoidable waves, which may pose as a major hazard for rafters. Nevertheless, if the person handling the boat is capable of precision maneuvering, the boat can pass through without incident.

The Royal Gorge features Class III-IV rapids, which make for a classic adrenaline-pumping experience. This is one of the whitewater adventures you shouldn’t miss. It’s best to go through this route on an overnight trip.

The Challenge of Pine Creek

If you are after highly challenging rapids, there is no better choice than the famous Pine Creek Gauntlet. This is the Class V rapids section of the River — it’s the real deal. This stretch of the Arkansas River features breathtaking canyon walls of the surrounding landscape. The Pine Creek route is ideal for experienced rafters.

You can always choose your own adventure when planning a whitewater rafting trip. Travel companies offer different tour options, including half-day boat rides and overnight excursions. Whichever tour you choose, the wonders of the Arkansas River will make you want to come back for more.


How Does Colorado Determine and Divide Marital Property?

DivorceA divorce is tougher than anyone can ever prepare themselves for. As a marriage comes to an end, spouses go through the inevitable process of dividing their collective assets acquired during the marriage. This process can be confusing and frustrating, especially when debts are involved.

In dividing properties in Colorado, the law states that the court must first establish and classify the properties into “marital” and “separate” before they can divide it. In contrast to separate property, marital property is what you and your spouse own together and is subject to division.

So what constitutes a marital property in Colorado Law and how does the court divide it?

Equitable Distribution: Fair – not Equal says the court takes the approach of equitable distribution. This means that the marital properties are not distributed equally, but fairly; that is, considering several factors involved.

Typically, the Colorado court looks into four factors: the contributions of each spouse, the value of property set apart to each spouse, the economic conditions of each spouse; and any increase, decrease or depletion in the value of any separate property during the marriage.

The Gray Lines between Marital and Separate Property

At a glance, the rules are pretty simple. Separate property is any property owned and acquired by each spouse prior to the marriage. In contrast, marital property is the joint property acquired by the spouses during the marriage.

But there are considerations. First, the court considers any addition of value to a separate property obtained during the marriage as marital property.

Second, if a spouse acquires a property as a gift or inheritance during the marriage, it is considered separate property. But if that property increases in value over time, the added value counts as marital property.

It gets trickier. For example, a married couple buys a home. This home has mortgage on it. The husband’s mother decides to pay off the mortgage as a gift to her son, increasing the property’s value. During the divorce, the husband would naturally claim that the addition to the asset’s value is his separate property, since the mortgage payment was a gift to begin with. But the court would disagree, given the rule that any increase of asset acquired during the marriage would automatically count as marital property.

The challenges involved in determining what’s marital and separate only prove that you need a skilled lawyer on your side. Through clever argument, they can turn what originally looks like a separate property into a marital property. This way, you can turn the gray area around and leverage it as an advantage.

Women Choosing Botox Treatments

The Selfie Trend Drives Demand for Age-Defying Treatments

Women Choosing Botox TreatmentsPose, pout, post—we live in the age of the selfie. The continued rise of social media use has influenced many aspects of our lives, so much so that it has become a channel for exploring self-image. More people choose to improve their facial appearance to look good in their self-portraits and of course, in actual life.

The Picture-Perfect and Age-Defying Trend

Recent studies show that the selfie trend is driving demand for cosmetic procedures like Botox. Researchers found that both men and women are now more increasingly aware of the aging process, and it is no wonder Botox tops the most common cosmetic procedures.

Experts from the Botox Training Club explain that this surge in demand for Botox treatments increases the demand for practitioners in the facial aesthetic business.

Demand for Cosmetic Procedures

According to the proponents of the study, men are most concerned with wrinkles, while women want to keep a youthful appearance and well-proportioned face. These preferences drive the demand for Botox.

Statistics show that the number of women choosing Botox treatments to look young has increased by 15% in the past year. More than a million procedures are conducted every year for the first time. In the case of treatments for men, a UK clinic featured in one news report experienced a 200% increase in patients from 2011 to 2013.

The biggest reason people choose this treatment is its advantages over plastic surgery, its closest rival. Botox procedures are faster and simpler—the whole thing takes just a few minutes, even seconds, unlike plastic surgery, where patients have to wait a certain period for recovery. Because of the nature of Botox treatments, they cost less and cause less pain.

Urgent Need for Professionals

With more people being look-conscious in the age of selfies and the demand for Botox treatments growing, there is an urgent demand for professionals who administer such cosmetic procedures.

Industry analysts also recognise the fact that high-quality training is equally important. While there is a lucrative career waiting for people who plan to enter the facial aesthetics industry, investment even before the start of the actual business is necessary. Botox training courses help hone skills, manage business operations and improve customer service.

Research proves that the selfie trend has far-reaching consequences; it’s now driving the demand for cosmetic treatments. This presents a challenge for the healthcare industry to generate more equipped and skilful professionals.

HVAC Technology

New HVAC Technology for a Greener and More Comfortable Household

HVAC TechnologyNow that technological advancements are becoming more widespread and therefore more affordable, it would be pertinent if you learn about a few other innovations that you can avail to improve your heating and cooling facilities at home.

Easier and More Convenient to Operate

Much improvement has been made in the past few years on the AC unit interfaces, by which you control the temperature and other parameters. Drop by any air conditioning firm and ask them about the latest user-friendly interface they offer, for example, programmable thermostats and can remember previous settings. These units adjust the temperature automatically given a set of environmental conditions, as they have humidity, temperature, and activity settings.

Some types of HVAC controls connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, while some units can be controlled directly using a smartphone app, which allows for long-range remote control. Do you want to control your AC unit at home when you’re elsewhere in Western Australia? All you have to do is acquire this app and you’re good to go.

Concern for the Environment

Many of the innovations in HVAC technology were initiated for the purpose of designing systems that consume less fuel and have lower environmental impact. People are aware that the world’s energy resources are finite, and manufacturers are devoting time and effort to producing equipment that minimise energy usage. These activities are also driven by huge savings in costs, which is one of the biggest benefits of the adoption of innovative practices.

For instance, if you want a more energy efficient HVAC application for your home, try a ductless mini air-conditioning unit. This is a relatively new type of heating and cooling system, and more Australian homes are choosing this model, mounted on the ceiling or the wall. This reduces the cost of electricity as its design prioritises economy and energy efficiency.

Choosing to take advantage of new HVAC technology can be highly beneficial to your household. Find out more about HVAC trends and make the most of current developments.

Toy Collection

A Passion for Collecting Toys

Toy CollectionEverybody collects something, whether it’s a statue, Lego mini figures, toy cars or Marvel action figures. The reasons vary hugely, but this habit does not interfere with a person’s ability to function every day.

Hoarding is different from collecting, however. This is the reason you have to understand your emotions behind buying toys. If you are not careful, collecting can be costly and unsatisfying in the long run. This article lists down the possible motivations to collect.

For Pure Enjoyment

Some collectors buy toys for fun and adventure, while others do it as they enjoy the mysteries from their purchase. There is a satisfaction from arranging and classifying toy parts. For them, the quest is amusing and the hunt is thrilling. Getting limited edition collectibles, on the other hand, creates a sense of accomplishment. The experience is like finding the perfect quirky gifts in NZ stores, says

To Preserve the Past

Sometimes, the desire to collect has something to do with past experiences. For most collectors, toys are a part of growing up. It can somehow bring back sweet, wonderful childhood memories. If you have been collecting toys for a few years now, you made it into a hobby to remember your childhood.

To Expand Social Life

One psychoanalytical explanation of collecting is that collectors want to socialise with others. They can improve their social life by attending swap meets and exchanging collectibles with like-minded people.

A collector interviewed by the CNN once said: Collecting is having an object of desire. For grown men, the benefit is not always monetary, but emotional. The toys may have monetary value to some hobbyists, but irrelevant to others who just enjoy the camaraderie of sharing their collection with other collectors who appreciate it.

In a number of studies, researchers explain that the motivations of collectors include psychological security. Perhaps you seek comfort when buying toys.