3 Areas That Require Safety Mats

Safety MatsNo one can ever be too careful. Accidents happen all the time. The trick is learning how to prevent these accidents from happening. Having safety mats is a great way to reduce the extent of injury from a fall.

Mattek identifies the three areas or places that require safety mats.

Industrial Areas or Facilities

An accident may occur in case anyone gets too close to the industrial machinery. With industrial safety mats, people do not need to worry much. These mats are made of durable materials that contain pressure sensors. The machines are placed on the mats, or the mats are placed around the machines.

The pressure sensors are then wired to the switch of the machines. Once anyone crosses over to the dangerous side of the machine, the sensors detect the shift in pressure and stop the machine to avoid fatal accidents.


It is common for children to fall in playgrounds with swings, climbing frames and bouncing castles. These accidents often cause injuries. Playground safety mats made of thick absorbent rubber are often used to prevent injuries. The rubber absorbs shock from the impact of a fall; hence, protecting the victim.

Martial Arts and Yoga Studios

Martial artists are always practicing new moves. Their training requires them to fight and throw each other to the ground. Some of the moves that they practice might be deadly, and the mats protect them. Safety mats are thick and act as shock absorbers.

A safety mat is ideal for Judo and karate studios, as well as yoga facilities. Using this product minimises injury from a fall, as some of the yoga styles can render you unable to remain standing.

Safety is imperative for any environment. Preventing an injury is always cheaper than facing its repercussions. Safety mats go a long way in promoting safety in residential, commercial and industrial properties.