3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid During Gutter Installation

silver rain gutter installed in a roof

While some homeowners opt to install their gutters on their own, it is usually a bigger task than they thought. Also, failure to install rain gutters properly results in severe damage to your home. For quality and long-lasting results, it is advisable to hire a service for a rain gutter installation in Wisconsin rather than install the gutters on your own. A wrong gutter installation also affects your finances because you do not only repair the damage, but you also have to incur extra money on installing a new gutter system. Therefore, homeowners ought to avoid these common pitfalls.

1. Gutters without a pitch

You should not install gutters on a level because they will not drain rainwater. Channels ought to be fixed with a pitch to allow water, debris, and dirt to flow freely downwards and avoid floods. However, the angle must not be more than an inch.

2. Wrong type of gutter

Gutters come in various gauges, shapes, sizes, and materials. Consequently, buying them can be confusing if you are an amateur. Issues come up when you purchase and install the wrong type of rain gutter for your home. A rain gutter installation expert understands the right material, gauge, and size that will suit the needs of your home as well as the climatic conditions in the region.

3. Improper welding of seams

You have to weld sectional gutters together and seal them to avoid water leakage. As a result, the seams become the weakest points of gutters, and they are prone to most gutter issues. The seams crack and damage gutters when exposed to extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Therefore, homeowners should be keen when welding sectional gutters to ensure that they avoid potential problems. Alternatively, you can use seamless rain gutters.

Skip the frustrations and extra expenses of installing gutters without professional help. You need to avoid these mistakes ultimately by hiring an expert in rain gutter installation. Ensure the safety of your home and loved ones by installing your gutters correctly.