3 Creative Fences for Eccentric Homeowners

Gates in IthacaPrefabricated steel gates are popular among those looking to build or refurbish their house, as they integrate easily into any type of home. More homeowners, moreover, prefer aluminum driveway gates as they are sturdy and provide good protection.

Additionally, these types of gates offer plenty of room for customization. If you are a quirky, adventurous homeowner looking to inject some fun and character into an otherwise plain gate, here are some creative ideas for your next project:

Lego Gate

Tired of stepping on Lego bricks? Gather — rather, borrow — your nephew’s mismatched Lego pieces and wedge them into cracks in your fence. You may also create your own Lego masterpiece, carve out a portion of the gate, fit your creation in, and seal the gaps with some cement.

Bicycle Gate

In Ithaca, New York, there is a creative fence that features old bicycle parts — an apt enclosure for a place that fixes up old bikes. Cycling enthusiasts may create their own version of the bicycle gate with obsolete bike parts. Choose to paint the gate, including the parts, in matte black for an edgy look or add a futuristic touch by painting it in silver.

Fun of the Fair Gate

New York, apparently, has a soft spot for one-of-a-kind gates. In fact, a NY homeowner combined unloved mannequins and faded fairground horses to create a fence that is at once amusing, funny, and a little disconcerting. Those who wish to integrate a festive “fair” vibe into their gates can use this as an inspiration. While the creepy mannequins aren’t for everyone, everything else is fair game — just add some colorful elements like hot air balloons, carousels, and popcorn trolleys and you’ll be all set.

Doggo-Friendly Gate

If you are a pet lover, certain additions to an otherwise plain, solid gate can make both you and your furry friend happy. Some companies offer “pet windows” made of hard acrylic domes that they can easily integrate into gates and fences.

When designing a gate with character, the key is to let your creative juices flow. Find some inspiration in nature, or show your unique personality by adding touches of the things you love to your fence. You may also go on short drives around the outskirts of town and find some unconventional ideas from the locals.