3 Essential Tips in Buying the Perfect Diamond

a diamond

Hatton Garden is home to many famous jewellery shops that offer fine diamond cuts and designs. Whether you are looking for a necklace or engagement ring, you can surely find it here. Before you buy, however, here are some of the things you may want to consider when choosing diamond jewellery:

Carat Weight

While the others debate on the importance of carat, there’s one fact you cannot deny — the price greatly depends on it. As crucial as this decision may be, many experts suggest choosing the carat based on the occasion. Are you shopping for an engagement ring or a birthday or graduation gift? An engagement typically warrants a higher carat than any other occasion. You can count on the diamond experts in jewellery shops at Hatton Garden for guidance on carat weight.


Deciding on the shape of the diamond and the design of the ring is usually the hardest. Unless you’re one hundred per cent sure on the style your lady likes, consider asking her closest friends or siblings. Given the significance of a diamond, you can also count on them to keep mum on your gift.

Now if you face a blank wall, know that round cuts are the most common followed by princess cuts. Bear in mind, though, round diamonds usually cost more than any other shapes.


In addition to carat and shape, another factor that affects the price of a diamond is its colour. The least expensive ones are the grey, brown and yellow coloured diamonds. An intense and vivid yellow-coloured diamond, on the other hand, is in the mid-range price just like orange diamonds.

Remember, the rarer the colour of the diamond is, the more expensive it becomes. Pink, purple, violet, green and blue diamonds are among the expensive. Then there’s the red diamond — the rarest of all. It’s not the most expensive diamond today, but they still command a high price.

Not all diamonds are expensive, however. A diamond with low clarity can cost less than you expect; and in the hands of an excellent craftsman, its beauty can still shine through the fog.

With these simple ideas in mind, you’ll know what to do and look for upon entering a jewellery shop.