3 Hacks to Avoid Plumbing Disasters at Home

Gas Pipe

Gas PipeGas plumbing issues can be even more disastrous than water plumbing ones when things go wrong. While both are equally dangerous, gas emissions can be even more so since they’re harder to spot and can cause irreparable damage to your home.

Top gas plumbers from PerinaPlumbing.com.au share some great tips and tricks for your home system to avoid any severe damage.

Use a dielectric union for copper and steel
Don’t use copper pipe connected directly to galvanised steel. What might happen in the future is that the steel corrodes if the connection is too tight. The union can keep the pipes separate and lasting much longer.
If you’re in doubt, test for leaks
The best way to test for leaks is with a sponger and some dishwashing liquid. Drip some dishwashing liquid onto a wet sponge and squeeze it onto the pipe, tube or connection like what’s done by the gas plumbers. Plumbers usually do this test first to see where the leaks are coming from if there are any.
Teflon tape is your friend
Whenever you’re doing some home plumbing maintenance, always have some Teflon tape on hand to thread your pipes. Always put the tape on the threads before sealing them.
Replace old gas valves with modern ball valves
If you’ve remodelled an older home or moved into your parents’ house, you might have to deal with broken gas plumbing. Find the old gas valves and replace them with modern ball valves before the old ones do damage to your home.

While gas plumbing can get very tricky and could cost you a fortune, doing some of your own preventive maintenance can keep your home safe for a few more years. Don’t forget to turn off the gas valve before you start doing any repairs or even think of looking at your pipes. It’s usually located outside your house near where the gas line enters.