3 Important Considerations When Upgrading Your SEO Strategies

SEO Strategies

SEO StrategiesLike every company that aims for maximum online visibility, the objective is to increase referral traffic. But it’s always a question of whether to rely on organic traffic or invest on paid traffic.

Paid traffic is effective only to an extent, bear in mind that they’re still temporary visitors. And while you think you can rely on organic traffic to give your company a more solid reputation, you can never be too confident that they’ll stay forever.

With the evolution of search engines, SEO companies recommend you to diversify – meaning take into account all of the available options and achieve the right balance.

Don’t depend too much on Social Media

It’s always a good sign if you’re highly visible on social media. It means active users are talking about and sharing your brand. But traffic generated from this platform has its imperfections. First, social media users tend to be “quick customers”. After they’ve seen your brand and shared it with other users, they won’t stick around for much longer.

Second, depending too much on a specific social media site and seeing the success can blindside you from the possible hiccups along the way. In the event the site suddenly decides to change a factor that decreases your traffic, it leaves you very little room for a backup measure.

Don’t depend too much on Google organic

Your site’s been able to generate a decent amount of organic traffic on Google – so what’s the problem? The problem usually happens when you accidently mess up an algorithm and your site takes the hit, plummeting down the ranks list.

While it’s advisable to aim for organic traffics, it’s not wise to bank on them alone. You can avoid an unexpected fall in your analytics data by relying on other consistently reliable and quality sources.

Get Rid of Bots

Once you see bots showing up on your analytics, flush them out right away. Accumulation of this negative traffic can mess up some of your site’s data. Plus, your site doesn’t gain any value if the visitors making referral traffic are not even human. When it comes to traffic quality, bots are the lowest of the low. Get rid of these negative visits as early as you can.

It all boils down to broadening your options instead of sticking to one specific strategy. Establishing presence in different mediums not only generates site traffic, but stabilizes it as well.