3 Indispensible Happily-Ever-After Advice for Newlyweds

Newly WedsMany young couples find themselves frustrated in the middle of their married life. This is often due to misrepresentations shown by the media and society. If you’re a recently married couple or plan to tie the knot, here are some hard facts worth keeping in mind:

Making Peace – People seem to think that a happy marriage has no conflict. In fact, people want to have relationships with no trouble between partners. The truth is that most couples, even the happy ones, suffer through periods of arguing or even full-blown fights. The mature way to handle this is to check your emotions and aim for resolution. Winning the argument is no longer a priority.

Money – Unless you’re in the top percent of society’s elite, one of your major concerns will be the gaining, management, and retention of your earnings. There will be seasons where you’ll have to tighten the proverbial belt and cut costs with your luxuries. Never hesitate to let go of your luxuries. If you need to choose between keeping or pawning a diamond ring, think of the good it can do to your finances instead of thinking of it as a loss. After all, you can still be able to get the ring back once you’ve overcome your difficulties.

In-Laws – One marital issue that Hollywood gets right is the quarreling caused by in-laws. There are times when they do not get in sync with the way you handle life and problems. If you or your partner has an issue with a relative due to hostility or differences, talk it with each your spouse first or even a marriage counselor. Listen to each other first before you take your relative’s side. After all, they are not involved in the marriage directly so they should never be the cause of any personal dispute.

Society has moved on from the original purpose of marriage, where the only relevance was to produce an heir. Now, people marry for love and other personal reasons. Whatever those reasons may be, if you and your partner want to live happily ever after, always practice respect and understanding.