3 Items That Will Take Your Barber Shop to the Next Level

Tattooed barber hard at work

You’ve finally decided to give your good old barbershop a much-needed upgrade. But with so many options today, you winded up trying to figure which ones to get first. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; you can start buying supplies for your barbershop after reading this.

Here’s a list of the three things you need to upgrade first to give your barbershop that much-needed modern look and feel.

Take a Seat, Sir

The first thing your customer feels as he gets his weekly trim is the seats in your shop, so it makes sense to have that upgraded first. Do away with your old bulky seats with the chapped vinyl, and take a look at the sleeker models available.

New barbershop chairs are often designed to have a sleek, classy appearance without sacrificing the comfort.

Cordless Clip

Most of the time, the first thing you use is your electric clipper before getting your scissors and snipping away. Maybe even just go with the clippers and shave the customer bald if that’s what he wants. Rather than getting new ones with a long cord plugged to the wall, why not go cordless?

Getting cordless clippers might seem like a pricier option, but what you eventually save up in power costs over time will more than make up for it. Some newer models could go for hours on a single charge, and you’d only need to plug it in when the batteries are running low.

Clean Shaving

Nowadays, people tend to be more particular with hygiene, and using a blade that’s been in close contact with a hundred other men’s skin, sweat, and (hopefully not) blood, is too much of a proposition for them to handle.

Which is too bad since they’re missing out on getting a shave in a barbershop; a unique experience only a proper barber could provide. That’s why transitioning to disposable razor blades is a much more hygienic option that you could provide.

Once you upgrade these things, your barbershop would not only look modern, but feel more up to the times as well. Along with your trusty pair of scissors, these improvements should see your clients start lining up as soon as you make them.