3 Narrow Lot Myths You Still Believe

Small Home

Small Home Australians naturally love bigger houses. If the budget allows it, there’s a good chance you’d lean towards a broader piece of land than a narrower one. There’s nothing wrong to have as much space as you can for your family. The wrong move is to consider a narrow lot inferior all the time.

Narrow real estate may not be for everybody, but it doesn’t mean it would keep you from enjoying the lifestyle you want to have. In fact, only misguided assertions give these pieces of land a bad name.

Here are some explanations from UrbanHomes.com.au regarding these narrow lot myths that most people still believe in:

Wider Parcels Are Better

In real estate, bigger, wider, or broader land isn’t always the better. You may think that a mansion beats an ordinary single-family detached house any day, but it’s just superficial.

Larger properties tend to decrease social interactions inside the house, especially for small families. They require more upkeep, which cost you more time, money, and effort over time.

Even if you have a family of more than five, living in a house built on a narrow lot wouldn’t pack you like sardines.

Your House Would Be Cramped

The right design would always make any home comfortable — regardless of the lot size. This is why you have to work with experienced builders to help maximise space. Many clever narrow blockhouse plans can magically create plenty of room you never thought possible.

Lifestyle is Sure to Be Compromised

Contrary to popular belief, living in a smaller home can give you more happiness. Minimalism allows you to focus on the things that truly matter. With a relatively limited space, you’d be forced (in a way) to own less, which, in turn, allows you to experience less stress at home.

Society teaches you to take pride in owning a large piece of land and an impressive abode, but the real joy lies in having less. With the combination of creativity and technology, nothing will get in your way to make your narrow house livable.