3 Reasons Collecting Limited Prints Trumps Collecting Paintings

Limited PaintingLimited edition prints are definitely “under-the-radar” artworks that are growing popular today. Thanks to social media and other technological advances, art has since reached a wider audience, encouraging more novice artists and collectors to beef up their collections. 

If you are one of those who are just starting your collection, twfineart.com shares some reasons why you should consider art prints, too, over paintings.

They are unique and numbered.

Limited edition prints are a great addition to any collector’s oeuvre because they belong to a unique set of works that are numbered, both in frequency and value. This means that they belong to a collection that is one-of-a-kind in the world that may increase in value as copies run out. Ken Lum's “I Can’t Believe I’m in Paris” and Rodney Graham’s “Oxfordshire Oak, Branford,” are examples; the lower the copies of both artworks went, the higher their price points soared.

Prints are more economical and cheaper.

Limited edition prints could cost you between $40 and $500 or over $1000, depending on how popular the artist is. A painting, on the other hand, could cost you between $500 to hundreds and thousands of dollars. If you’re not after “the name” and more about “the art,” you can always go for prints, which are by far cheaper, that are aligned with your aesthetics.

Prints become more precious over time.

Aside from their monetary equivalent, prints are intrinsically significant because they are an expression of an artist’s vision and career journey. Just because something has little value today doesn’t mean that it won’t have a greater value tomorrow. Think about it: How many notable artists today have early artworks that sell on auctions for thousands of dollars? A lot, you might say. A good and savvy art collector takes a look such nuances, too.

Collecting limited edition prints is something that any art lover should endeavor, especially if you love art and can afford to support the hobby. Nurture your understanding and passion for art by visiting our website regularly.