3 Reasons You’re Still Not Married


Are you still wondering why you haven’t tied the knot yet? Was it because Mr Right didn’t come or you just failed to notice him? Here are some reasons why may remain single till now.

Ever wondered why between two women of the same age and almost of the same family background, one is married and the other one is not? There are varying reasons for this. Aside from the fact that the cliché “true love” has not yet been found, such status could come about because of some other reasons.

High Standards

Think about this, ever since you were small, you have already been dreaming of a knight in shining armor and you have envisioned a guy in all perfection. Well, sad to say that such guys only exist in dreams. Most of the guys around you would always have one small thing that you may consider imperfect. Gurl mentioned one sign that you’re looking for perfection is that you passed on a guy because of one small thing despite the fact that you like him. Most likely, you have been looking at the imperfections rather than the good things that you can find in the guy. Perhaps, if you lower your standards a bit and start accepting the minor flaws, you may have already found yourself saying, “I do.”

Yearning for a Lost Love

Girl, haven’t you moved on? If you are still hoping that your ex-boyfriend would come back to you with open arms despite the fact that you have already broken up for more than five years, then that’s a real problem. Many girls don’t easily find the characteristics of their exes in another. Some women who still hope that their forever is just around the corner would seek the help of luxury matchmakers like LUMA. Here, you get to submit your characteristics, your profession, and all other details, and there’s a huge chance, you would be matched with the person who also matches your characteristics.

Too Picky

So there was one point in your life, perhaps in your mid-twenties, where you had three to four guys courting you. With guy No. 1, you felt he’s so lanky. With guy No. 2, you felt he’s so masculine. With guy No. 3, his profession is simply unacceptable to you, and lastly, with guy No. 3, he has just recently divorced his first wife. Since no one has appeared to have all the traits that you’re looking for, you ended up choosing no one. You simply are too choosy. Her Campus noted that if you have been sticking to your list of what guys must have, you may end up with no one. Unfortunately, those guys who used to court you found another girl to court.

These are some of the common reasons why many women still remain single despite the fact that they’re beautiful and eligible. Yes, some of the reasons may sound a bit ridiculous, but there are women who are like this.