3 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Office Floors Shiny

Clean, modern office interior

Gleaming floors enhance the beauty of any office space and make it look bright. After your concrete office floor has been polished, it requires basic maintenance like mopping and dusting. Concrete flooring that receives heavy foot traffic needs to be well catered for to ensure that they stay shiny. Below are some vital maintenance tips that can keep your floors attractive to customers.

Regular mopping

Wet mopping is an integral constituent of office cleaning services in South Jordan. Forte Commercial Cleaning Utah says this maintenance activity helps in removing spills, scuffs, and stains, keeping your floors looking new and fresh. Professional cleaning crews utilize neutral cleaners to avoid adversely affecting your floors’ finish.

Dusting the floor

Dusting is a necessary task that keeps abrasives and dirt off your concrete office floor. Accumulation of dust on your floors can quickly wear out the finishing and leave your floor vulnerable to scratches, which will ultimately diminish its overall appearance. Dusting should be done with soft brooms and vacuum cleaners as opposed to hard tools that might damage the protective coating.

Polishing and waxing

The beautiful top coat on your floor might wear out due to foot traffic as people walk in and out of your office. You need to ensure that your floor is replenished, at least once a year. Waxing and polishing enhance the luster while still protecting your floor from stains. However, this does not mean that spills should be left to settle; acidic liquids can also harm the finishing.

Great looking office floors can dramatically impact the halo effect of your clients. If you want to keep your office in top shape, the first thing you need to take care of is your concrete floors. Maintaining a shiny floor can be achieved by hiring professional office cleaners.