3 Things You Need to Know About Ultra High Performance Tires


tiresEngineered for maximum maneuverability and grip, ultra high performance tires take tire material and design technology to the extreme. With it, drivers can expect better control and responsiveness, allowing for a more thrilling ride for those who want to get the most out of their vehicle. These tires also have the lowest profiles to boost high-speed control and car handling.

Not all car owners, however, can take full advantage of ultra-high performance tires. These are designed for sports cars or sophisticated performance vehicles and sedans. Performance tires are for car enthusiasts who love high-speed performance and require crisp steering response in wet and dry conditions.

All Star Tire discusses the key features of these high performing tires:

Better Grip

Ultra high performance tires have tread patterns that can appear in a V-shaped tread or the typical wide grooves. This helps prevent hydroplaning by channeling water away from the front tires. The tread designs also maximize dry contact patch and wet control, delivering better grip while maintaining stability at high speeds.

Smoother Ride

When it comes to design and material technology, these tires achieve the lowest profiles attainable. The unique lightweight materials and design innovations used for these tires help enhance high-speed control, resulting in a quieter and smoother ride. Cars with high performance suspension can receive the full benefit.

V Speed Rating

Ultra high performance tires usually have a speed rating of V or above. This only means that they can be driven at 149 miles per hours or more. This results in better handling, helping you sustain a high vehicle speed. Tires with higher speed ratings can also take the extra heat and provide better traction to avoid collisions.

To maximize the capabilities of your sports car, it is best to choose ultra high performance tires. Low profile tires like these allow for more responsive handling and better control. Just make sure not to mix and match tires with different speed ratings. This will cause serious problems with the handling of vehicle. It is best to consult car experts and manufacturers to choose the right tires.