3 Things That Will Make You Want to Live in Fort Myers

Waterfront Condo in FloridaOne of the biggest attractions in Fort Myers, Florida is its paradise-like vibe. With miles of seawater, it’s easy to see why beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts have fallen in love with it. But swimming isn’t the only activity its residents enjoy; the diverse natural resources of the city give both locals and visitors numerous outdoor recreational options. Fishing, sailing, cruising, and kayaking are just a few of them.

If these aren’t enough, here are the top reasons to consider living in this beautiful city:

Paradise living that won’t break the bank

To go along with its magnificent attractions is its relatively low cost of living. Compared with many other cities in the country, it’s cheaper to live in Fort Myers. And in direct comparison with the rest of Florida, the average living cost here is 3% lower.

Own a home with the ocean as your front (or back) yard without paying hefty prices

California, as beautiful as it is, remains one of the most expensive states to buy a house in, with an average home fetching as much as $440,000. This is way more than what an average household can afford.

For the same amount of money, you can actually buy two houses in this lovely city in Florida, with the prices of homes here averaging only at $203,800. To make sure you get the most out of your money, especially when it comes to neighborhood safety and security, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. suggests that you work with a mortgage broker in Fort Myers.

Living here is much like going on a permanent vacation

There’s just so much that this city has to offer that its residents feel like they’re permanently on vacation. Don’t think that people here slack off though. They’re hard working folk – one of the primary reasons behind the city’s impressive employment rate.

Fort Myers also boasts several top-notch educational institutions, with four of its high schools recognized by the US News and World Report as some of the best in the nation.