4 Creative Ideas that Will Give Your Staircase a New Look

Staircase Design Idea

Staircase Design IdeaWhen was the last time you gave your staircase at home a revamp? It may be one of the smallest parts of your house, but the staircase’s appearance can make or break the overall design of your home interior. If you’re looking for inspiration for redecorating, here are a few creative ideas that will give your staircase a new look:

  1. Rustic Appeal

Interior sliding barn doors, reclaimed wood, and other materials with rustic appeal have been a hit lately. If you, too, want to add a rustic charm to your interior, you don’t have to overhaul the whole living room, instead, just focus on your staircase. Remove the carpet in the stairs, and replace them with hardwood floors, as advised by the Sunshine Hardwood Flooring and other flooring contractors. Consider placing a table made with reclaimed wood below the staircase and adorn it with country-inspired decors.

  1. Tall and Open

Replacing the banister and railing of the stairs with black, tubular steel rails can make your staircase look taller. This design idea can help highlight your living and dining area, especially if they have an open-plan design.

  1. Numbered Stairs

If you have preschoolers learning to count, this idea is perfect for your home. Stencil numbers on painted pieces of plywood, and then nail them to the stair risers. With this design, your toddler won’t only learn how to count whenever they go upstairs but your interior would also look fun and unique.

  1.  Chic and Striped Rugs

Living room with a chic and vibrant design looks even better with stairs donning colorful, striped rugs. With this idea, it’s like you’re having a carpeted stairway but yours does not look dull and boring. You can attach the rugs using Velcro, so you can remove and wash them regularly.

With creativity and vision, you can turn your staircase into a unique and fun element in your home. Just don’t forget about the rest of the interior design; make sure your new staircase will blend with the rest of your home.