4 Different Uses of Laser Lights


laserLaser lights have essentially more than 30 components, but it can group down to just four: active medium, excitation mechanism, feedback mechanism, and output coupler. Basically, the function of each of these components is to provide an accurate and flat laser beam.

Industry mainstays like Laser Tools Co., Inc. warn people to monitor their use of laser lights, as these can endanger people. The eye is mostly vulnerable to laser hazards. Directly looking into the beam of lasers for a long period can inflict glare, afterimage and flash blindness.

The red and green lights are not purposefully selected as it depends on the wavelength of the light. The red beams have a visual length that can range from 670nm to 635nm. The green ones, meanwhile, have a wavelength of lesser than 635nm, making it far more superior.

Laser lights have many uses:

Laser Pointers

These are probably the most common use of laser because pointers are simple and relatively harmless. Laser pointers can be easily accessed as these are mostly available in the public market. Instructors and presenters find this useful when pointing out specific details in their presentation.

Entertainment Lasers

These can be found mostly in movies and concerts. These are an effective ambiance enhancer and special effects. Entertainment lasers are also harmless, which is why it is used even on theme parks.

Chemical Lasers

This type of laser is designed and made using artificially generated chemical reactions. Its capabilities can reach high energy outputs and present a constant level of emissions. Chemical lasers are typically best utilized in mechanisms and equipment that requires consistent operation.

Excimer Lasers

This is the laser used in medical surgeries, particularly eye surgeries. As inadequate exposure of the eyes to lasers can harm it, some people think that excimer lasers are dangerous. Compared to other lasers, its wavelength is within the safe range for the eyes. It creates UV light and is used in semiconductor photolithography.

Modern technology has proved to be very useful for mankind. Most people see laser lights as a dangerous tool. Despite the risks, however, this device can be beneficial in different industries. It is almost limitless from technical trades to miscellaneous ones.