4 Storage Ideas on Organizing Your Garage

man fixing garage door

For most people, a garage is not only a place to store their cars but also a whole lot of other items. In this case, organization is very important or else you might find yourself in the middle of garage clutter and no more room for your car.

Before you consider a garage storage solution in Salt Lake City, here are some storage ideas to make your garage tidy and organized.

1. Prep the walls with tool racks.

Tools lying around your garage are a tripping hazard. Don’t risk tripping over your tools by lining your garage walls with tool racks.

Similarly, having enough floor space is very important to your garage. Instead of filling up the floor space with all of your other stuff, use the walls or even the ceiling for storage space.

2. Stick with clear bins for storage.

If you’re planning of stacking your stuff on bins, go with clear containers instead of closed ones. This way, you won’t have a hard time finding stuff when you need them.

3. Go for open shelves.

Compared with a closed shelf where you can hide the evidence of your clutter, open shelves allow you to scan items you have in store easily. Of course, you should consider using closed shelves as well if what you need to store has to be protected from dust and dirt.

4. Get garage racking for more storage.

If you’re unsure what storage solution you should get for your garage, consider racking. You could fill your entire garage wall with racks and just add storage bins, small drawers, or tool boxes along the way. Compared with other garage storage solutions, racking is a versatile yet inexpensive storage option.

De-cluttering your garage is no easy project to do alone, especially if you have too much stuff to organize. Make it a family project or invite your friends over to help you and set aside a full day or two to get your garage storage done.