4 Things to Do When There are No Eureka Moments in Meetings

Team having a meeting

Creativity is an indispensable ingredient in startup brainstorming sessions. The challenge is — and you may have noticed this several times — eureka moments are simply rare when you’re already at the huddle. Avoid getting stuck in the creative rut with these tips:

1. Let your team prepare beforehand

This is the most important step towards effective meetings, but interestingly, it’s also the most neglected one. Sure, you have plenty of things to do, but you have to make time in communicating your meeting agenda to the team.

When your employees know what you’ll be talking about, they can research, think about it overnight, and talk about it with a colleague. Simply put, they’ll be ready already with their insights. You can expect better engagement and participation from your team, which can save a lot of time and money.

2. Take note of your venue

Many startups hold their meetings in coffee shops or at someone’s garage. Note that your environment can significantly affect the thought process of your employees.

Make it a priority to hold it in a place conducive for creativity and productivity. There are Tampa meeting rooms you can rent for an hour or two, and they’re already complete with amenities. These include a Wi-Fi connection, LCD projector, whiteboards, and overflowing coffee. You want to set the mood for a serious brainstorming session so let your venue create that atmosphere.

3. Begin with the wins

A positive energy in the room will inspire people to be more engaged and creative. To create that vibe, have everyone share at least one win they’ve experienced the last week. Keep the sharing short, or just make sure that all will be able to say something at a certain period. You don’t want the sharing to take so much time in your meeting.

4. Entertain unpretty ideas

An unpretty idea can be twisted, turned, stretched, and refined, so don’t dismiss them altogether. Besides, an unpretty idea is better than not having at all. Avoid resolving unpretty disagreements immediately as well, as these can pave the way for better insights — even eureka moments. Explore the pros and cons of ideas so you can see opportunities in between.

Unfortunately, eureka moments don’t come the moment you need them. But fortunately, there are ways you can increase the likelihood of having such moments with these tips.