4 Tips to Keep Your Furnace Running Efficiently

Furnace Maintenance in Indiana

Depending on the age of the furnace, there are some symptoms or ways to tell it needs maintenance. Some of these symptoms include rattling, rocking noises, and high pitched squealing and scraping sounds.

Legacyheatingandairinc.com gives some effective tips to help you maintain your furnace.

1. Visual Inspection

This should be the start of the process. Check the thermostat first, set it above the room temperature so that the furnace comes on. When the furnace is on keep an eye on the flames they should be steady and blue. If the flame is yellow or orange then it might be time to call the Indiana services furnace expert. The expert will determine if there is a problem. Pay attention for any gas smells.

2. Turn off the Furnace

This is the next step after the visual inspection. Turn the furnace and the gas off. Turn the breaker or the switch off. This should be the first thing that you do before conducting maintenance. This is to maintain safe conditions.

3. Dust and Clean

After the furnace has cooled, it is tie to clean and dust it. Open the furnace door and with a vacuum clean out the base of the furnace. For areas that cannot be cleaned by a vacuum use a damp cloth to wipe away the dust.

4. Get the Air Filter Replaced

The filter traps dust and other debris and prevent them from entering the furnace. If they entered the furnace they might cause malfunctions. The filter should be replaced at least twice a year because of the many debris and dust they trap.

Follow a schedule for maintenance to ensure that all parts of the furnace are working efficiently. Cleaning and maintenance is not a challenge but is necessary in making it serve you for longer. It also reduces the amount of expenses you have to pay.