4 Tips to Sell Your House As Soon As Possible

For Sale sign outside a house

Relying on Key Allegro and Rockport listings can help increase the discoverability of your Texas house, but listing it alone won’t speed its sale up. After all, it’s not the only property on the market. While American real estate these days remain as a seller’s market, there are ways to get your house sold days faster than others do.

To find the right buyer in no time, use these practical tips:

Get its Photographs Right

Photographing your home takes more than just using your iPhone and enhancing the pictures with filters. Usually, it takes a real pro (or at least some advice from them) to stage your property from a buyer’s perspective. Professional photographers know what to emphasize to put your house in a positive light.

Strip Away its Personality

Depersonalizing your property is an effective way to help other people see themselves living in your house. From a buyer’s point of view, it can be difficult to imagine the future if both the interiors and exteriors are filled with personal items and collectibles of another family.

Appeal to the Herd

In real estate, buyers want to win the bid, but don’t like to be the only one in love with the property. This is why you ought to stimulate interest in as many buyers as possible. To do this, know the value range of listed houses and price yours on the lower end of the spectrum.

Offer a Home Warranty

Are your transferable roofing, siding, and window warranties still valid? Use them to sweeten the deal and gain some leverage at the negotiating table. According to a Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC) study, properties with a home warranty are sold 11 days faster (on average) and for about $2,300 more.

No matter how bad you want to sell your house fast, you don’t need to lose a lot of money to get rid of it ASAP. If you play your cards right, you can get calls from serious buyers and be paid at your asking price.