4 Ways to Design an Elegant Pool Party

a pool party

Pool parties are fun and vibrant events. They’re great for spring break get-togethers, teenage birthdays, or a cookout with your friends. And if you were a true water child, you’d probably want to host all possible occasions by the pool.

But sometimes that could be a bit challenging. Don’t worry, pool girl. You can go ahead and call for event rentals here in Minneapolis, MN because below is a list of dreamy pool design ideas for the more elegant parties in your life.

Glow Sticks in Balloons

It’s exactly that. Choose balloon colors in your party’s motif and pop a glow stick or two inside before inflating it. Tie a weight to the balloon to keep it steady. Drop it in the pool and watch your party turn into a fairy tale as soon as the sun goes down.

White Paper Lanterns

Get round or cubed lanterns in different sizes and hang them overhead, up in trees or floating on the pool water. Always match them up with yellow bulbs or candlelight to get your party a dream come true.

String Lights

You can never go wrong with string lights: besides the fact that they look like enhanced stars, their yellow glow always sets the ambiance of a night to remember. Hang them alongside your lanterns, or vertically like light vines. Collect a dozen or so and stick them to a wall as a backdrop of a buffet.

Floating Candle Trays

Use mini wooden pallets as floaters. Put a candle in a small fishbowl and place them on the pallet. Add a soft flower arrangement around the fishbowl and let them do their magic.

Pools can be a cool and refreshing touch to any casual party. But they can also be a romantic and surreal element in more graceful events like weddings, galas, debutante balls or poetry reading nights. It’s up to you and your creativity as to how you’d make it the most stylish event of the year.