5 Attitude Lessons You can Learn from Australia’s Next Top Model


modelBeen watching re-runs of Australia’s Next Top Model, hoping to pick up some tips to boost your own career? No need for that anymore, we have the most important ones right here. As you might have guessed, they have to do with your attitude and work ethic, as these are what truly make a model stand out from the crowd.

The modelling world is a tough place to try and make a living, but these crucial lessons can make it much easier.

1. Be eager

Which contestants endear themselves most to the audience, judges, and other staff? The eager models who are always willing to go the extra mile, of course. Having a positive and energetic attitude is contagious, and it makes you a joy to work with. Even more importantly, that enthusiasm comes across in the work you do, leading to higher quality shots.

2. Minimise complaints

If there is one thing that can sap the energy right out of a shoot, it is a model who is constantly complaining about everything under the sun. Don’t be afraid to voice valid concerns, but keep it to things that are actually important. Everyone has their own jobs to do, and things rarely go perfectly.

3. Play well with others

It doesn’t matter if you are the “star”, there are dozens of people who work together to make it all happen. From handling make up to fixing your outfit, top agencies like puremodels.com.au stress that it is never a one person job. Each person loves what they do, and want the final product to be fantastic.

Treat them with respect, and always acknowledge their hard work.

4. Have grit

Throughout your career, there will be countless disappointments and failures. It happens to almost every model, and no one really has a fairy tale like rise to stardom. When you experience rejection, you need to have a strong enough personality to shrug it off and try again. Optimism will keep you going no matter what happens.

5. Be natural

Finally, it is fine to have a few personal quirks, as long as these do not interfere with your work. If anything, a few harmless oddities will only make you more memorable to the people you work with. Don’t feel the need to conform to a stereotype, and let your real self shine.

Modelling is a job, and like any other career, professionalism is crucial. The models who are easy and pleasant to work with will always be more successful than any prima donna.