5 Things to Remember When Buying Cowboy Boots for the First Time

A pair of cowboy boots

Are you thinking of buying your very first cowboy boots? Well, there are certain things you need to consider before making a purchase. Besides, choosing the right pair can be a bit tricky for newbie users.

So before heading to a nearby store or checking out options from online sellers, here are important pointers you should keep in mind:


No, not all cowboy boots are made of regular cowhide leather. As you will learn, there are different leather types ranging from suede, alligator skin, snakeskin, ostrich, and even lizard or elephant skin. As for those who prefer boots that use non-animal leather, you may also check out faux leather boots.

Your height

Yes, even your height has to be considered when you are buying men’s cowboy boots. Besides, this type of footwear each has a heel on them. For men and children, a heel that measures at least 3/4 inch to 1 and 3/4 inch is most ideal.

Toe shape

Cowboy boots come in different toe shapes and what you choose is usually based on your preference. You’ve got everything to choose from such as classic toe shape, pointed toe shape, rounded toe shape, square toe shape, and broad square toe shape.


Aside from the material, construction is another crucial matter for a good boot. Is the footwear made from layers of various materials or purely leather? For the most part, going with the latter option is a better idea since they are much sturdier.


Lastly, you have to select what type of boots would be perfect for you. Choices include work boots, riding boots, roper boots, and fashion boots. The names are mostly self-explanatory so purchase a pair that perfectly fits your purpose.

With all these things in mind, buying your own cowboy boots wouldn’t be so hard after all.