5 Things You Need to Know About Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Causing Cigarette

Lung Cancer Causing CigaretteLung cancer is considered among the greatest health threat in the U.S. and in the whole world today. It is the leading cause of cancer death in the country, killing more people than colon, breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers combined. As such, best efforts should be done in raising lung cancer awareness, and helping those diagnosed with lung cancer deal with their health condition.

Am I at Risk of Lung Cancer?

People who smoke or are exposed to second hand smoke are considered at highest risk of lung cancer. Individuals exposed to radon gas, an element produced as uranium breaks down in soil, are also at risk of lung cancer. Other risk factors, such as autosomal pattern and unhealthy lifestyle, may also come into play when assessing lung cancer risk.

What is the Outlook for Lung Cancer?

The outlook for lung cancer depends largely on how early the disease has been diagnosed and how effective the treatments are. With proper diagnosis and effective treatment, the spread of lung cancer to nearby lung structures and to adjacent organs is preventable. Early treatment may also significantly help in preventing metastasis, or the spreading of the cancer to other distant parts of the body through the lymphatic system.

How is Lung Cancer Detected?

To check for any lung lesion that might possibly indicate lung cancer, doctors may perform imaging tests, such as computerized tomography (CT) scan or X-rays. A sample of your sputum may also be collected to see if there is any cancer cells present in your lungs. Finally, a tissue sample can be obtained to check if the abnormal tissue in the lungs is cancerous.

How Can I Help in Raising Lung Cancer Awareness?

You can help spread awareness about lung cancer by simply talking about what it is and how you might get it to your close friends and family. If you have friends or colleagues who smoke, you may want to tell them how smoking can cause lung cancer, and how it is scientifically backed-up study after study.

You may also want to step up and get out from your comfort zone to raise lung cancer awareness. Go volunteering in any of the lung cancer awareness groups in your locality, or, Donate Car USA suggests, donating a car to fund for lung cancer awareness efforts!

These and more could help a lot in curbing the rate of lung cancer, and may ultimately help lessen the impact of lung cancer to individuals, families, and the community.