6 Easy Steps to Buy a Used Camper

purchasing camper van

Campers are ideal to own, but can be costly when bought new in Arkansas and other states. Fortunately, buying used campers for sale can save you some money.

purchasing camper van

If you plan to buy a used camper for sale, here are some things you should check out before handing over the cash to a seller or dealer, like Moix Recreational Vehicles:

Look for Water Damages

Water damage can be costly to repair, and many campers often end up discarded due to extensive water damage.

To check for water damage, check if the ceiling is sagging and if the paneling on the walls is soft.

Get Help from a Mechanic

When checking over a used camper, take a mechanic with you and let them examine it. After performing a complete systems check, they can let you know if it is a safe buy.

Check the Appliances and Fixtures

Check all the appliances and fixtures and make sure they’re working properly.

Check the Mechanical Systems

Determine the state of the generator, furnace, air conditioning system, and water system of the used camper. Ask the seller whether they’ve experienced any problems with these features in the past.

Examine the Exterior

When looking at the exterior of a used camper, you’ll want to see a structurally sound façade. To make sure it’s sturdy, examine its tires and roof.

Ask About Repairs Done

Ask the seller about repairs done on the used camper. Be sure to ask them for copies of receipts for any work done on the vehicle.

Knowing about the repairs can let you know if the vehicle had frequent mechanical problems before. If so, it’s not a wise buy.

With campers being quite costly when bought new, it’s ideal to buy a used model. To make sure it’s a wise buy, follow these tips.