A Bath Inspiration: Jane Austen’s Dating Guide

Dating Guide in BathJane Austen lived in Bath City in the early 1800s and this was where she found inspiration for some of her romantic masterpieces. Ironically unmarried, Jane Austen is the master of love stories.

“Do not be in a hurry, the right man will come at last.” And how will you know if he or she is the right one? As you walk with your loved one along the Lover’s Lane near the centre hotels in Bath City, bear in mind some dating tips from the literary legend herself.

Be Careful with Standards

Elizabeth of Pride and Prejudice thought Darcy was proud, prejudiced and haughty. She was not wrong yet she overlooked his good qualities and stuck to her ideal image of the right man forcing him to fit into her template. Give the person you are dating a chance to prove that he or she can be better than your own checklist.

Equal Public Affection

Austen portrayed Marianne of Sense and Sensibility to be extremely and obviously expressive of her feelings for the man she loves. Unintentionally, she was pushing Willoughby away who ended up marrying another woman. A reciprocated affection was worthy of an outright expression of feelings.

Patience is the Best Virtue

During Marianne’s heartbreak, a rightful man came and did the right things along the way. And Colonel Brandon did not pressure her and waited until Marianne got over Willoughby and realized her own feelings for him. You can wait for a hundred years to prove your sincerity and eventually win the heart of your love.

Be a Good Influence on Each Other

Emma and Frank of Austen’s Emma, brought out the worst in each other, tapping their sarcastic and careless sides. Until they met the right people who were morally responsible and able to calm them down. They got married to the right persons when they got the chance to emphasise their good sides because if not, the relationship could have been toxic.

Faith Secures Love

Elinor of Sense and Sensibility showed faith in herself and her love for Edward. She believed that nothing could shake her even if the man was engaged to another woman, because she trusted the love they have for each other. Even if the situation seemed hopeless for them, she knew that true love is strong and will conquer any challenges. With that they did end up together.

Make sure that you are dating the one whom you see marrying in the future. No matter how much life tests your love, if it is pure nothing can beat the reward you will gain in return – true lasting love.