A Passion for Collecting Toys

Toy Collection

Toy CollectionEverybody collects something, whether it’s a statue, Lego mini figures, toy cars or Marvel action figures. The reasons vary hugely, but this habit does not interfere with a person’s ability to function every day.

Hoarding is different from collecting, however. This is the reason you have to understand your emotions behind buying toys. If you are not careful, collecting can be costly and unsatisfying in the long run. This article lists down the possible motivations to collect.

For Pure Enjoyment

Some collectors buy toys for fun and adventure, while others do it as they enjoy the mysteries from their purchase. There is a satisfaction from arranging and classifying toy parts. For them, the quest is amusing and the hunt is thrilling. Getting limited edition collectibles, on the other hand, creates a sense of accomplishment. The experience is like finding the perfect quirky gifts in NZ stores, says Swanky.nz.

To Preserve the Past

Sometimes, the desire to collect has something to do with past experiences. For most collectors, toys are a part of growing up. It can somehow bring back sweet, wonderful childhood memories. If you have been collecting toys for a few years now, you made it into a hobby to remember your childhood.

To Expand Social Life

One psychoanalytical explanation of collecting is that collectors want to socialise with others. They can improve their social life by attending swap meets and exchanging collectibles with like-minded people.

A collector interviewed by the CNN once said: Collecting is having an object of desire. For grown men, the benefit is not always monetary, but emotional. The toys may have monetary value to some hobbyists, but irrelevant to others who just enjoy the camaraderie of sharing their collection with other collectors who appreciate it.

In a number of studies, researchers explain that the motivations of collectors include psychological security. Perhaps you seek comfort when buying toys.