A Review of Basic Restaurant Manners and Etiquette

Restaurant Etiquette

Restaurant EtiquetteYou go to restaurants to eat and relax with friends and families. Though you’re with the company of people close to you, it’s important to observe basic manners because it’s a public place.

Whether you like to dine in some fancy Northgate restaurants or somewhere casual near the Brisbane CBD, it pays to be extra careful on how you behave. The following reminders are downright common sense, but you might need to review them so you can carry yourself properly and politely in front of other people.

No phones please

It is basic respect to turn off your phone when you’re in a restaurant, especially when you’re already seated. If you’re not waiting for an important call or message, refrain from using your phone or any similar device. Be polite enough to go out or excuse yourself if you need to answer a call or text message.

Don’t create noise

While it could be a time for quality bonding with dear ones, never talk or laugh loudly. Otherwise, you would get hushed or stared at. Don’t shout if you need to talk to a server, or whenever you see a friend or acquaintance on the other table.

Observe proper posture

Sit up straight, but not like you’re a robot trying to enjoy a fancy meal. Don’t slouch no matter how you want to feel at home and relaxed. Keep elbows off the table and don’t make any unnecessary movements – that’s basic restaurant etiquette.

Respect the table

The table is solely for the food course. Never put your phone, keys or bag on it. Other than being disrespectful, doing so may also distract you, your companions and the server. Ourhotels.com.au and Northgate restaurants appreciate if you respect the table, and also your host, as in the case of fine dining. Before eating, wait for your host’s silent signal of placing the napkin in their lap.

It’s a matter of respect and common sense. It pays to learn these things so you know how to act and behave the next time you dine out.