Advantages of Choosing Aluminium for Compressed Air Pipes

Compressed Air System There are many factors that can contribute to the durability of a compressed air system. One of these is the quality of the pipes that are partly influenced by the material used in making them. Aluminium can be a good choice of material for the following reasons:

Relatively Low Cost

Aluminium may be more costly than some of the other familiar pipe materials, but it does make up for labour expenses. Aluminium pipes are usually easily connected to each other with the use of fittings, and they are also light compared to other metals, notes an expert from Because of this, there is less need for labour and the reduced cost for fewer workers required to complete the job results in the decrease of installation charges.

Lower Number of Leaks

Aluminium pipes do not need threading like steel ones do, and so, aside from the ease of assembly, it’s also the reason why pipes made of this material do not leak as often. Less number of leaks can mean less waste, and less waste means less profit lost. This is also another aspect where aluminium pipes can keep your company’s cost down.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance is important for a compressed air system to properly handle both corrosive gases and clean air. Aluminium has excellent corrosion resistance which makes it a good choice for carrying such materials in both aforementioned states. On top of that, it won’t easily clog up and break down which reduces the need for repairs and constant maintenance.


As mentioned earlier, aluminium pipes and fittings are easy to assemble. If there’s a need for change or expansion in the layout of your system, aluminium pipes will easily accommodate the changes without excessively altering your system settings. Rule of thumb: Lesser work and lesser hassles mean reduced costs.

Aluminium can offer all these advantages to your compressed air system and more. Just make sure your source gives you quality aluminium pipes and fittings just so you are assured of durability and quality. This also assures you that you will get your money’s worth.