All About Toffee: Crunchy Facts, Coated Truths, and Sweet Mysteries


ToffeeToffee is one of the most loved sweets among children. Perhaps you have sweet memories of this buttery, chocolaty treat. But how much do you really know about toffee? Here are some bits of interesting information you probably didn’t know about toffee.

It’s different from caramel

Toffee might have the same color and taste of caramel, but they are two different treats. The difference lies in the butter content and the temperature in cooking. Toffee uses butter and sugar, while caramel has sugar, cream or milk, and butter occasionally.

Toffee is cooked to 300 degrees Fahrenheit to make it crunchy. Caramel, meanwhile, keeps its smooth consistency in 248 degrees, but hardens when it reaches 270 degrees.

It comes in different types

There several types of toffees, with English toffee, being the most famous. This type is the most basic as it uses butter and sugar. When cooled, it is dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts. American toffee, aka buttercrunch toffee, has softer consistency and is chewier. It also contains vanilla.

Other types include honeycomb and bonfire toffee. The Tameletjie, is a rather simpler type that uses sugar and water. It sometimes uses almonds, pretty much like the famous Colorado almond toffee. says toffee products have earned national acclaim among toffee connoisseurs because the bursting buttery goodness and crunchy almonds.

It can be used in other dessert recipes

Toffee is good as it is, but it can also go well with other desserts and baked goods. You can use it as toppings for fudge, shortbread bars, or even saltine crackers. You can also coat it with white chocolate or double its crunch by adding various nuts.

Its name’s origin remains a mystery

Nobody knows how toffee got its name, not even food historians! Some say it was derived from the word “tafia”, a type of rum from West India. Others believe it’s from the word “tuffy”, perhaps due to the food’s chewiness. Whichever theory is correct, nobody knows. Even its origin and history is shrouded in mystery, you can hardly find historically accurate information about it.

One thing’s for sure, toffee is an all-time favorite treat. What’s important is you can enjoy it in more ways than one.