All Hands on Deck! People You Should Be Sailing With


sailingSailing has always been an activity for the adventurous at heart. There really is something exciting about exploring the waters of the world with a seafaring vessel that has your name on it. But, whether you’re going for a trading venture, a fishing voyage or even just a relaxing cruise on the bay, it’s best not to do it alone.

You need a crew to sail with you, but you cannot just hire anyone. Here are a few qualities you should look for when enlisting men to your sailing crew.

Life-saving Skills

Safety first, as they always say. When hiring men to join you in your cruise, they need to know a few skills in the field of safety. First, they should know how to swim. Although there is no guarantee that your voyage will be accident-free, it helps to make sure the people you’re with know a few life-saving skills, such as saving a drowning person, keeping warm and afloat while waiting rescue and the like. Most of these skills can be taught by training sessions with the Coast Guard.

Cargo and Ropework

In the trade of merchant marine vessels, seamen spend most of their duty hours tying together knots and moving cargo aboard. This involves a lot of mooring, hoisting, and roping. Though your cruise may not have anything to do with transporting heavy equipment and machinery from one port to another, it is important to have these skills –things like securing your equipment aboard or strapping together a makeshift net if you’re out fishing. These are the basics your crew can learn at a rigging company that offer these training and seminars. Proper proficiency at rigging may mean the difference between a productive trip and a lackluster one.

Work Ethic

Again, traveling on the water is not a hundred percent safe. It is important to know that your crew takes their job seriously. These people should be disciplined and have strong work ethics. Working together means putting each other’s lives in the hands of one another. So, make sure you can depend on your team to be there for you when it counts.

These three should be your go-to list when deciding who comes with you to your next fishing trip.