All-Year Feeding: Feed Wild Birds on Time, Help Them Survive

Bird Pet

Bird PetMost bird feeders believe that winter is the season that benefits wild birds the most. Because of the cold weather and unpredictable blizzards, feeders believe that shortages are most common during this season.

On the contrary, shortages can occur any time of the year. Rather than focusing on a particular season, it is best to feed the birds year-round to help them survive better.

Autumn and Winter Feeding

According to and bird feeders in the UK, wild birds require higher energy during the cold season. Their bodies require more fat to survive the frosty nights. During autumn and winter, more feeding is all right due to their increased need for energy.

During this time of the year, remember to put out food and water regularly. For severe weather conditions, such as blizzards, feed the birds twice everyday: in the morning and in the early afternoon. Also, remember to adjust the food quantity and prevent accumulating excess food around the feeders.

Summer and Spring Feeding

During the summer, birds require feeds high in protein, especially when they are moulting. Good options include black sunflower seeds, soaked sultanas, raisings, currants, oatmeal and mild grated cheese. You can also add mealworms, waxworms, seed mixtures for a nutritious combination. Some feeders use tinned pet food, but these can attract crows, cats and magpies.

Remember to avoid fat, bread and peanuts, since these pose harm to adult birds. If you insist on putting out peanuts, do so in proper mesh feeders and allow only sizeable pieces. This reduces the risk of choking the birds.

Dealing with Natural Food Shortages

Natural food shortages can occur when birds still have their young in the nest. Feeders may resort to placing easy food on bird tables to make up for the natural food shortage.

If the food you offer is not enough for the young chicks, this poses more harm than good. Chicks are susceptible to choking, therefore, it is best not to put out larger chunks of food during the spring and summer months.

Bird feeding need not remain during the winter months only. It pays to feed the birds all year round; doing so makes a big difference for you and your winged friends.