Are You a Manager? Never Do These Things to Your Employees


managerMost managers think that their job is to motivate their employees or raise employee satisfaction ratings. What they don’t understand is that employee engagement is not just about satisfying your workers—it’s about inspiring commitment to the work, the company and to their team.

Here are some things managers usually do that can lower employee engagement:

  • Failing to provide feedback and recognition

Don’t wait until the meeting or evaluation day to let your workers know how much their efforts are valued. You shouldn’t be afraid to look like you favour one employee over the other—it’s most often the truth because some people do perform better than the rest of the bunch. If you don’t give consistent and appropriate feedback, your star performers won’t do as well in succeeding projects.

  • Relying on rote surveys

Developing standard questionnaires is never going to get you to ask the right questions with your worker base. In a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, highly-optimized questionnaires do nothing to make employees feel that they have reached upper level management with their concerns. You have to set up a continuous, regular and reliable way for employees to to talk to human resources. says Brisbane has a lot of firms that handle special employee feedback and engagement systems.

  • Being uninterested in their personal lives and hobbies

Engaged workers are also committed to you as their manager and the team. This means that they need to know each other beyond the professional level and interact with their colleagues based on non-professional activities. Set up a social intranet so your employees can engage each other and form a solid team.

Don’t be part of the business demographic that incurs losses each year from absenteeism and low productitivy and performance. Make sure your employees are engaged now.