Art as an Expression of Oneself

Male tattoo model posingThoughts, words, ideas, emotions, feelings, these are some of the things that make people who they are. There are people out there that can openly express themselves to the world. They do not have many reservations about letting the world assess their ideas. But not all people are like that. Some people are a little more reserved, and some less confident about broadcasting what they think or feel. Some people prefer to express themselves in less vocal ways, although of course, these ways should not be considered any less artistic.

Expressing oneself

There are different types of people and also different forms of art. Expressing oneself through art is refreshing, cathartic, expressive and creative. Often there’s a sense of freedom through the arts. There are people out there that use music as their art form. They play musical instruments and sometimes create their music. There are some that have good drawing skills, some paint, and some do photography and sculpting.

Body Art

There are some that chose their body as their canvas to express themselves; they chose body art. The common types of body art right now are body paint, henna tattoos, and the permanent tattoos.

But these people who chose tattoos as their art are still sometimes frowned upon by society. Admittedly, this stigma felt by those who choose to embellish their bodies is less prevalent than before.

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To those still hesitating because of critics saying a tattoo is not an art, do not be discouraged, tattoos and body art had been around since the earliest times. They have been used as a form of the most solemn expression. Do not be discouraged and just go with your heart and express yourself.