Avoid Travel Traps that will Quickly Deplete a Holiday Budget

Travel Traps to Avoid on a Holiday BudgetWhether your destination is Europe, Spain, or the United Kingdom, beware the traps that can quickly diminish your travel money. There are plenty of them, but you can also do plenty of things to counter and avoid them.

Avoid converting money at the airport – do it ahead of time.

All airports, including those in Australia, have loads of currency exchange offices in them. This does not mean that you should have money converted at them, at the last minute. They rarely ever give competitive rates, so a few weeks before your flight, start shopping around for the best rates. Then, go to a local currency exchange service or bank and have them convert your money.

Flexibility on travel dates will get you cheaper rates on accommodations and flights.

When you really don’t have to travel on a specific date, flexibility will help you save a lot on both flights and accommodations. When your intended date of flight has a high price, check the days before and after them; you may be surprised at the difference. The same goes true for accommodations.

Travel light.

Most airlines have free carry-on luggage services, ranging from between 7 to 10 kilos. Go beyond this even slightly and you will pay double the price of purchasing check in luggage before checking in. As much as possible, travel light, especially when you will only spend a few days or a week in your destination.

Swap your carrier with a local one.

Since you definitely will need to stay connected when you go abroad, you might think your only options are to either turn on your roaming services or look for a shop offering WiFi. Not only will your roaming charges skyrocket, this is also inconvenient.

Fortunately, you can purchase international sim cards from a reliable shop at home, UK Prepaid Sim Card says, such as a Europe, Spain, and United Kingdom Sim card. Swap them with your home carrier sim card even before landing, and once you touch down, you can already use them for data at low costs.

As a last reminder, book when the time is right. According to many travel experts, afternoons are the best times to book flights, because this is when the rates are the cheapest.