Be Wary of Warts: Don’t Let Them Get the Better of Your Kids

Child's Skin Health in Midvale

Child's Skin Health in MidvaleWorried about warts? You should be, if you want to protect your child from them. The old wives’ tale that you get warts from touching toads and frogs is already a debunked one, but human papilloma virus (HPV) is very real and it potentially causes the skin condition.

Don’t panic, though. Brian J. Williams, M.D. reminds its patients that skin conditions range from acne to warts and everything else in between. Whether you are concerned about your child’s warts or are afraid that your child will acquire them, keep in mind that you are not alone in your worry.

Where Do Children Get Warts From?

Your child may get warts for getting in contact with one of over 100 kinds of HPV.

They may pick it up from touching something that a person with a wart has used. They are also more prone to the condition when they tend to bite their fingernails or pick at hangnails because the habit creates open areas for the HPV to enter the skin. After all, like other viruses, HPV thrives in warm and moist places.

How Do You Remedy Those Warts?

Warts can be a painful nuisance, and you don’t want to prolong that experience for your child. As a solution, you may choose between over-the-counter remedies and in-house ones.

Over-the-counter treatment includes wart-fighting medication from the local pharmacy. The medication uses salicylic acid to encourage the wart to soften and eventually dissolve. Keep in mind, however, that it is only successful if used correctly and consistently.

Alternatively, in-office treatment in a skin care center is advisable when your child cannot be bothered to use over-the-counter medication or if the condition is too much to handle. The center will either freeze or scrape the warts to get rid of them.

Knowing how to remedy the skin condition, however, is not enough. If you genuinely want to protect your child from it, take preventative measures as well. Teach your child good hygiene habits to stay as germ-free as possible and to minimize or shorten their contact with wart-causing HPV.