Before You Choose a Venue, Take Note of These Ideas

Event VenueYou face many tough decisions when planning an event; every detail has to fit because these little mistakes can cause bigger problems once the event is underway. One of the major factors that contribute to the success of your event is the venue. Is it big enough for all attendees? Is it too far away? You need to think about all these things before choosing one. 

These ideas from will provide you with pieces of the puzzle you may need to make the right choice.


When choosing among function venues in Brisbane, check their availability. Will there be others using the space simultaneously? If so, it might interfere with the sounds of your event; you might here the other room or they might cause distractions because of the difference in theme. Will you be able to use it the entire day? Even if you do get the venue you want, you might only get it until a certain time. Most importantly, is the place available for the dates you specified?


When choosing a venue for your event, its accessibility is important. The proximity to the parking space, access to different modes of transportation and location to invitees’ addresses are crucial. If it is too far, you might get low attendance, the same goes for if it is difficult to get to.


This is an important aspect but is also highly subjective. You must know the needs and objectives of the participants to determine if the venues on your shortlist are suitable. Will it be a formal occasion or an informal one? How many guests are coming, is the space big enough?

Customer Service

The customer service in the venue is important, even if everything is average, participants will remember the occasion because of the calibre of the services offered by the waiters, waitresses and other staff.

Keep these in mind whenever you choose a venue for your event, regardless if it is a formal or informal one.