Benefits of Using an Electric Forklift

Man using the forkliftBack in the day, no one considered using alternative energy to power vehicles, let alone for industrial purposes. As of late, electric battery-powered forklifts have taken over because of the many advantages they carry including high performance. In fact, some truck rental businesses in New Zealand have shifted to only electric forklifts since industries prefer quick and efficient results. Auckland Fork Truck Hire, for instance, have partnered with Jungheinrich to expand its energy-efficient fleet. Here are some of the reasons why this new breed of trucks is gaining public utility:

Environmentally friendly

Electric forklifts use electric powered batteries and do not produce any emissions. This feature makes it easier to use them in indoor warehouses where ventilation is minimal. With continuous use of electric forklifts, industries can meet the EPA emission standards and operate in a conducive environment.

No Noise

When you are working with an electric forklift, it’s a quiet affair. Operators can now communicate with their supervisors more clearly. The absence of noise also enables their use in indoor places like stock rooms, warehouses, and even sales floors.

Improved lifespan

An electric forklift’s design comprises fewer components than traditional ones; the likes of coolants and engine oil don’t exist. In this case, there is longer service interval, which in turn increases their lifespan.

No fuel costs

The initial cost of buying an electric forklift is usually higher since you have to purchase the battery and the charger too. However, in the long run, it eliminates all the fuel costs and what you will only pay for is the electricity to recharge the battery. Any company that embraces the functionality of electric forklifts will end up saving a lot.

When the old traditional forklift finally breaks down, the best option is the eco-friendly electric forklift that will improve your workforce productivity. If you consider buying one, identify first the pricing and parts, and check for the model that suits your service type.