Blackjack 101: The 3 Crucial Rules for Minimizing House Edge


BlackjackBlackjack is famous for having an extremely low house edge compared to many other casino games, making it a great choice for savvy gamblers. With luck, skill, and a bit of math, it is one of the most player friendly options on the casino floor.

You can make it even better, though; by reading up on these tips before heading to the casino, you’re already in a better position than over 90% of the other blackjack players out there.

1. Know their rules

This is something that many novice gamblers tend to overlook. Some casinos actually give much worse odds by having smaller natural blackjack payouts. Look for places like that pay 3 to 2, rather than casinos that only give 6 to 5; this alone can keep the house edge well below 1%. There might also be other rules that affect your odds, so make sure to ask first.

2. Never take insurance

The insurance bet sounds like a fairly reasonable or even smart bet on the surface, but the math shows that it is an absolutely horrendous use of your chips. The house edge on any bet with insurance immediately rises exponentially; it usually becomes anything from 5 to 8%, though even 12% is possible. This makes it a tremendously poor gamble in the long run.

3. Use strategy

Listen, if there is one thing that will quickly cause you to go broke, it’s relying solely on hunches when betting. People have already done the math for you, and all you need to do is follow the basic strategy to get the best odds of winning. If you don’t want to memorize it, most casinos will even let you print a copy to take with you – just don’t expect any comps, though, as they won’t be thrilled.

One thing you have to note, though, is that these tips only help give you the greatest odds of winning. It doesn’t take into account your own enjoyment of the game, and at the end of the day, that’s really what you’re in the casino for, right?

Feel free to play at a less than optimum level if that will make you happy – as long as you’re being responsible, that’s money well spent.