Brochures 101: What Makes a Stand out Brochure?

Brochures piled upA brochure is a glimpse of what the company is all about. Other than websites, this may be the first interaction of the company with its target market.

These days, there are many desktop programs you can use to produce brochures, but professional brochure printing services will always be in demand for companies in different industries.

What are the elements that make a stand out brochure? Read on to find out.

A Strong, Unified Message

A strong, unified message means that from brochures to print ads to TV commercials, your brand should have one common message that is clear and effective. It is more than just a slogan, but it should be what your brand is all about.

A Stand out Design

Some brochure designs may become functional. One brochure may turn into a fan, the other into a door sign. Of course, a brochure may simply be a brochure. But try to design it in such a way that a customer may want to hold on to it for a certain period. Colours are likewise a part of a great design.

Especially ‘Font’ You

Make sure your fonts are easily understandable. The fonts should be readable, but at the same time, not so big that it feels like a children’s book.

Don’t Worry, Be ‘Copy’

Your copy is the most important factor in your brochure. Other than the product pictures, the company and product description is necessary. Your copy should say what you want, and in a way that makes the audience can easily understand. After reading your brochure, your audience should have a better idea about your company. Do not forget to proofread your copy!

Call to Action

A brochure should have your contact numbers. After reading the brochure, the target should be convinced that they should call or visit your website for more information. Use clear and powerful calls to action.

Your brochures will spread the news about your business. Make sure they tell a good story and send the right message to your target customers.