Budget-Friendly Trips: Top Tips for an Affordable Boracay Vacation

Boracay might be known for being an expensive vacation spot, but its white sand beach still attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. In 2014, over 1.4 million local and foreign tourists visited the island. That figure was even surpassed in 2016 when 1.5 million tourists flocked the island.

What most people are unaware of is that Boracay is actually best for smart travellers. This paradise offers several ways to enjoy the beautiful ocean and powdery white sand without having to dig a hole in your wallet.

You can begin by getting a room in an affordable hotel in Boracay Station 1, such as Dormitels, and stick to our top tips listed below:

Book a flight to Kalibo

For air travel, you will have two options to reach the island of Boracay, via either Kalibo or Caticlan. Even though you will reach your destination faster with the Caticlan route, it will cost you more compared to the flight to Kalibo. While you will have to endure less than a couple of hours of land travel to reach the island, you will get to see the rural sights of the province.

Purchase your beach essentials at home

Consider buying everything you need at home, such as your swimsuit, slippers, board shorts, hats, shades, beach bags, and even sunblock. All of these will include touristy rates if you decide to look for them on the island itself.

Take advantage of the free activities

Boracay is not all about chilling on the beach because there are plenty of activities to do and some do not even have to cost you a penny. The majority of tourists head to Ariel’s Point and pay a massive amount just to cliff dive and get drinks. Instead, take your loved ones to the end of the beach in Station 1 where you can cliff dive for free. At the end of the day, you can enjoy a romantic walk along the beach, while waiting for the picturesque Boracay sunset.

Spending a holiday in the world-famous Boracay can still be possible on a tight budget. You will still get to enjoy a memorable and idyllic tropical vacation while keeping an eye on your wallet.