Buying a New Air Conditioner? Biggest Isn’t Always the Best

 Air Conditioner in ElkhartWhen it comes to buying a new air conditioner, do not fall into the temptation of getting the biggest because big does not always mean it is the best. Sizing is extremely important, as it influences the performance of the air conditioning unit. When you purchase a unit too big for a small room or one too small for a big room, you could be paying for higher utility bills.

Before you order an air conditioner for your home, Legacy Heating & Air and other experts recommend that you should learn more about sizing. This way, you can choose the correctly-sized AC for all your cooling needs.

What is the right size?

The first step to choosing the right air conditioning system is to determine the size of the room where you will install it. For example, for rectangular or square rooms, get an accurate measurement of the area footage you want to cool. Do this by multiplying the width of the room with its length.

What happens when you install an incorrectly-sized AC?

There are several consequences of installing an air conditioner with the wrong size. When you get a bigger-than-necessary AC, it will result in faster cooling time. However, it will also result in a poor performance of removing humidity in the room. This will then make the air inside the room feel clammy and damp, and the same applies to the room’s occupants.

Get a smaller-than-needed unit and you can expect it to cool the room inefficiently and insufficiently. The AC will then try to compensate by working harder and consuming more energy. The result? Skyrocketing electric bills.

What should you do to get it right?

Aside from the formula of determining the right size mentioned above, you can also use online AC/room size calculators. For the most accurate sizing, though, you should consider seeking the assistance of HVAC experts. This way, you can avoid any errors and the great possibility of buying an improperly-sized air conditioner.

Know what size to buy before visiting any shop. With the help of HVAC professionals, you can get the right-sized AC and not worry about skyrocketing utility bills as well.