Can We Cure Venous Disease?

Venous Disease The venous disease typically affects women, in large part due to levels of progesterone, and people required to stand for long periods of hours, due to the large stress the effort requires of the limbs. Depending on the degree of the condition, venous disease can range from being treatable by surgical removal, therapy, or not at all.

Defective Venous Valves

Serious cases of venous disease involve defective venous valves. These are valves that are obstructed and are already unable to carry blood from the limbs back to the heart. Defective venous valves can no longer be replaced or fixed. However, medical compression stockings can ease blood flow, decrease chances of hypertension and slow down the progression of the disease.

The Progression of the Disease

Chronic venous disease evolves with time. This means that options can only hope to slow down the progression of the disease. Options include therapy methods that reduce ambulatory venous hypertension and wearing of compression stockings.

Other than therapy and stockings, patients may also look into surgical removal. Sclerotherapy of varicose veins can repair superficial venous refluxes. But if the case has already progressed from superficial to deep, options narrow down even more.

Deep Venous Incompetence

As said, superficial venous diseases can be repaired through surgical removal or sclerotherapy. However, cases such as post-thrombotic syndrome and other deep venous incompetence in chronic diseases can only be treated by neo-valve construction or valve repair in isolated cases.

People older than fifty are more susceptible to varicose veins but even younger patients are not exempted from these. Other than common risk factors that are unavoidable, such as genetic disposition and gender, doctors recommend an overall healthier routine to avoid these.

Should your job require you to stand or walk for long hours, practice resting once in a while. If this option is out of the question, wear precautionary stockings that aid blood flow and muscle strength. Finally, if symptoms of venous disease manifest, consult with a doctor immediately.