Car Restoration: Services Your Vehicle Needs After a Collision

restored carA car collision may leave only dings and dents on your car, or turn it into something unrecognisable. No matter how minor or major the damage to your car is, there are ways to restore it to its original state, or at least close to it, with savvy vehicle repair services.

Panel Beater Services

Extensive damage caused by a collision makes your car look like scrap metal. With help from panel beaters, your vehicle can return to its former self.

A panel beater restores your car through various skills like plenishing and metalwork. They weld, attach, detail, and use putty fillers to transform your junk-like vehicle to the way it was before the collision. There are tradesmen who specialise in certain types of vehicles, such as 4x4s, sedans, motorcycles, and other types. Find the one that provides the specific type of repair that your car needs.

Detailing and Polishing

The repairs do not stop with restoring the body to the way it was. The collision changed the details and polish of your vehicle. To make it look suave again, it needs detailing and polishing services.

Repairmen will restore the detail work on the car, from small details along the bumper to the trunk. Polishing is the next step in the process that makes the biggest difference in your car’s look. It restores the paint and adds a dash of dramatic finish to your vehicle’s appearance.

The polish done to your car removes any unsightly imperfections that make the paint look dull. This service removes scratches, water spots, etchings, swirls, and other detail damages after a collision. Follow these polishing tips to keep the sheen and lustre of your car intact after leaving the shop.

Paintless Dent Repair

Dents may still be visible after your car goes through the panel beaters and detailing service. Paintless dent repair is an affordable alternative to remove dents without using paint.

Car collisions lead to costly, but necessary repairs. Paintless dent removal, detailing, and panel beater services may restore your car to the way it was before the collision.