Career Change: Teaching in Industry

Career Changes in AustraliaYou’ve just discovered your passion — and it’s teaching. Such a discovery can lead to an unexpected career change. While a shift in your profession may seem daunting, you can secure a favourable outcome in following a plan.

Industry Education

You can successfully make the change from industry worker to trainer by looking into required credentials. You have sufficient knowledge and experience in the vocational course you want to teach. But Australia’s policies require industry trainers to complete relevant training and assessment.

For example, if you belong to the VET (vocational education and training) sector, you need to accomplish the Certificate IV Training and Assessment to qualify as a trainer and assessor. With a Certificate IV TAE, you can become a trainer and assessor in the same company you are working in. You can be a training consultant for companies. You can also become a vocational education teacher. You will have several job prospects.

Training to be a Trainer

You can study for a Cert IV TAE from vocational institutions, private training centres, and other providers. But they need to be registered training organisations, or RTOs. Know also that the Australian Skills Quality Authority has improved the course with two core units. One will ensure greater depth of knowledge regarding assessment tools. The other focuses on language, literacy and numeracy. This will deliver a higher standard of training to students.

The change also means that the previous Cert IV in TAE, relegated as TAE40110, has been superseded this year by the TAE40116. If you’re currently taking the TAE40110, you can finish that and upgrade your credentials to TAE40116 later on.

Teaching others is a rewarding occupation. With the proper preparation and sufficient training, you’ll soon help others learn more about their own vocation.