Cash Cow: 3 Ways Smart Electric Fence Grids Upgrade Beef Cattle Management

beef cattle management

beef cattle managementA proper fence layout is the most important management tool for raising cattle. Use it to your advantage.

Implementing a daily pasture rotation using permanent and portable electric fences, for instance, is beneficial in all aspects of raising your cattle. When you rotate the cattle from pasture to pasture by setting up grids, the animals eat only a portion of the grass. Not only will this help you grow healthier feed, it will also result in healthier animals.

This fine-tuned control over your pasture rotation will help increase cattle weight gain, reduce diseases, and increase cattle fertility.

Here are detailed explanations of how a smart electric fence grid can upgrade your cattle management:

Increased Cattle Weight Gains

Experts at and other electric fence providers say a well-planned grid makes it easy to move the cattle from one portion of the pasture to another. This ensures that your cattle get a consistent diet of fresh grass every single day, unlike in less frequent pasture moves wherein the quality of the grass declines after the first day of grazing.

Reduced Diseases

Providing your cattle with fresh grass every day will also help reduce diseases. Animals will not be open to the elements that come with manure concentrations, including intestinal parasites. This system also helps reduce dust (since the cattle are eating fresh grass every single day), which in turn helps reduce eye irritation and dust-borne diseases.

Increased Cattle Fertility

During the calving season, your daily pasture rotation will help ensure that mother cows will gain weight and fatten up to a good body condition prior to giving birth. Combined with daily nutrition, this strategy also helps ensure that your beef cattle fertility stays high, which then helps reduce cattle replacement costs.

Your strategic electric fence grid will essentially become an extension of your mind — it helps you respond to whatever grazing needs, management ideas, and production goals come your way. It’s truly a fencing solution for all beef producers.