Categories of Hair Thinning Scissors

man getting a haircut

Caring for clients’ hair requires more than mere cutting. There are various techniques used to enhance the look of a haircut and cultivate healthy hair growth. One of the techniques that improve the texture and volume of various hair types and styles is hair thinning.

Thinning also reduces the bulkiness in excessively thick hair and makes it easier to style. There are specific barber scissors meant for this vital task to ensure it is handled correctly. Here are the common types of thinning scissors:

Texturizing and Blending Scissors

These scissors are very flexible and can be used to texturize, blend and thin hair. Texturizing and blending scissors typically have 25 teeth and can remove over 50% of hair in just 2-3 cuts. They are the perfect option for novice barbers since they are easy to use.

Chunking Hair Thinning Scissors

A pair of chunking hair thinning scissors has 7-15 teeth. The teeth are more widely spaced compared to those of a texturizing and blending scissors. This attribute makes a chunking scissor the ideal choice for clients with thick, curly and bulky hair. About 2-3 cuts with this pair of scissors can shave over 80% of hair. In addition to thinning, chunking scissors can create notches.

Finishing Hair Thinning Scissors

Finishing scissors are typically larger and have more teeth compared to other hair thinning scissors. This allows you to add fine details without cutting off a significant amount of hair at once. Finishing scissors are also an ideal option for blending or creating smooth transitions, as barbers do not create holes or stairs in the cut.

Hair thinning scissors are essential in all barber shops. After all, they put the finishing touches on the elegant haircuts you labour so much to create. The above thinning scissors will help ensure that you create the perfect haircut and improve the look and health of your clients’ hair.