The Chimney Sweeper: 3 Warning Signs Your Chimney is in Need of Repairs


chimneyIt makes you feel warm on a cold night. Sometimes, it’s the focus of your family get-togethers.

Many people love fireplaces, as they offer a lot of benefits. In fact, they are the favorite amenity most homebuyers consider when looking for a new home. Apart from enhancing the beauty of your living room, it also provides comfort when you need it most.

Let’s face it: No chimney can last forever. Some homeowners, however, tend to neglect inspections and repairs. Read on to know how you can tell when your fireplace needs repair.

Creosote Buildup

The major warning sign that your chimney is in need of repair is if you see creosote. The darker the smoke, the more creosote will form. This is your chimney’s enemy and you have to get rid of it. You can’t just avoid them by burning hardwoods.

Smoky Home

Do you notice that whenever you throw some logs into your chimney, you smell something odd in your home? If yes, your chimney liner is no longer functioning at its best. This could make your family sick because of toxic fumes.

To make sure your chimney is working properly, it’s best to get an inspection yearly. Seek the services of a contractor who can install, clean, or repair any type of chimney. Industry expert Riteway Construction Group says that repair and cleaning are important, especially if you use your fireplace every day. Keep in mind that undiscovered problems could lead to house fires and costly repairs.

Damaged Wallpaper

Does the wallpaper near your chimney look strange? If you notice that it’s starting to look odd and damaged, it’s time to repair your fireplace. Water that seeps down into your chimney not only ruins your walls, but also your flooring.

Cleaning, inspecting, and repairing your chimney is necessary for health and safety reasons. Don’t be confident that your chimney can survive the damage for a decade or two.