Chiropractic Treatment for Effective Pain Management

Chiropractors in Eagan

Chiropractors in EaganWhether pain is short-term or long-term, it interferes with your busy lifestyle and slows you down. However, going through a pain management process helps ease the pain and restore your body functionality to improve the quality of your life.

Chiropractic care offers treatment and pain management solutions for neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Some of the issues chiropractic treatment helps recover include:


Headaches have various causes which include trauma, stress, sinus congestion, or food sensitivity. Often, medication using painkillers relieve this pain; however, prolonged medication causes liver or kidney damage. A chiropractic examination identifies the most likely cause to eliminate the problem permanently. You can then get a referral to a specialist if the cause of your problem lies in the spine.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is common in most people and the intensity varies from individual to individual. Minor neck pain can be as a result of poor posture while severe pain can be as a result of trauma such as sports injury. Often, minor pain clears within a day; however, if neck pain persists, you should seek chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic treatment consists of controlled adjustments to restore proper motion of the cervical spine and misaligned vertebrae.


Sciatica refers to the pain that originates in the lower back and travels to the back of the leg. Sciatica is often a symptom of an underlying problem and not a condition. Common causes of sciatica include degenerative discs, herniated discs, vertebral misalignments or spinal stenosis.

Here in Eagan, notable chiropractors perform neurological, biomechanical and orthopedic examinations of your back and leg to find the cause of sciatica. Chiropractic treatment involves physiotherapy, spinal manipulation, and lumbar traction.

A successful and effective pain management process will require a team of ABMS-certified health care professionals to combine and coordinate their skills to help you lead a pain-free life. Consult today and enjoy chiropractic care services.